Acurnica Travel Size 8ml - Tebas

Acurnica Travel Size 8ml

Tebas Therapeutics


Perfect of traveling, in a first aid kit, or in a pocket. 

This is about 20 application of arnica. Same high quality just is a smaller form. 

Natural arnica is the primary active ingredient in Acurnica brand arnica.

Made from the Arnica montana flower, we use a compound derived from dried flowerheads to create the potency. We trust this product on our children – it is a natural medicine that has been used by our family for generations.Acurnicaicensed by Health Canada’s Natural Health Products Directorate  NPN 80030167. We want this to be a an affordable, staple in everyone’s first aid kit. When it comes to healing, concentration is the key. Treating Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, joint pain, repetitive motion and other neuropathies, lower back pain, post surgical pain & injection site pain:

Why does Acurnica work?

There are 3 reasons why our product works: 1)  Our product, Acurnica, works better than other topical arnica products because of the potency of the tincture (20%). Most arnica products on the market, creams and gels, have between 8% to 10% and some are  less than 5% concentration. This dosage is too low to have any significant effect on inflammation. By contrast, Acurnica has 20% concentration and is the highest concentration you can buy in Canada. This dose is sufficiently high enough to allow the arnica to penetrate the skin and activate the healing power of the arnica flower.   2) The phytopharmacological compounds contained in the arnica Montana flowerheads: proteins are responsible for the transcription of genes encoding various inflammatory mediators;  sesquiterpene lactones, an active ingredient that triggers an anti-inflammatory response at the molecular level. Our skin absorbs these ingredients, the swelling and inflammation subside so the body can heal, or the pain from inflammation is temporarily relieved.  3) Our unique delivery system – our no mess, no clog, no fuss spray.  Just imagine living pain free!

Don’t settle for anything less. Acurnica.


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