AQR Sport Team 8oz - Tebas

AQR Sport Team 8oz

Tebas Therapeutics


AQR Sport - specially formulated for athletes.

For professional use, whether a Trainer, Chiropractor, Massage Therapist or coach to us on your athletes. Also, recommended for Professional Athletes. 

Stay ahead of your pain.  AQR Sport can be taken before you exercise – keeps you from using pharmaceuticals

Targeted to those individuals who were injured during fitness or sports activities, sprains, bruises, muscle strain and inflammation.

Pure & simple ingredients: premium Arnica montana L.*, non-GMO ethyl alcohol, distilled water & essential oil of bergamot. you know that most sports creams and gels contain anti-inflammatory drugs, which could prove positive in a drug test even though the user has not ingested the drug. (source Dr. P.A. Fields MD Board Certified medical physician & Chiropractor).

The ingredients used are not on the IOC/AWA prohibited drug list, makes AQR Sport ideal and safe product to use.  We use only the best quality flowers giving you a superior quality product.

This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

Specially balanced for athletes Help improve your performance by avoiding pulled muscles.

Arnica has been used in households across Europe for hundreds of years to treat arthritis, bruising, and various other aches and pains. The herb contains a compound that is composed of a lactone named Helenalin, the natural form of anti-inflammatory ibuprofen. It stops the body’s reaction that causes inflammation and pain.

No undisclosed ingredients.

Medicinal Ingredients: Arnica montana L. 20% Non-medicinal ingredients: ethyl alcohol and distilled water.

A must have for every sport bag.  AQR Sport is a drug free, topical natural medicine made from the arnica flower. Scientifically proven to relieve pain & inflammation in muscles & joints caused by sprains, injury & 

Pure. Natural. Drug-free. Only known compound to heal bruises. AQR Sport provides athletes with a natural topical pain reliever – a drug free alternative to ibuprofen.  Proteins & sesquiterpene lactones are active ingredients that trigger anti-inflammatory action at the cellular level and promote increased blood flow to speed healing times by over 30%. Manufactured in Canada.  Trust AQR Sport to keep you in the game and training at peak performance levels. A natural medicine approved by Health Canada NHPD. 24 month shelf life.


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