Mom's Kisses Purse Size 8ml - Tebas

Mom's Kisses Purse Size 8ml

Tebas Therapeutics


Mom’s Kisses is a NEW natural topical herbal medicine made from the arnica flower with a hint of lavender. Clinically proven to:

    • heal bruises
    • reduce inflammation caused by contusions and sprains
    • topical pain relief - alternative to ibuprofen
    • great for sore muscles too.

Perfect for Sports Moms! Our small sprayer is perfect for the purse, backpack or the car to have handy for bumps and bruises on the go.  Refillable.


Pure. Natural. Drug free pain relief. 

Safe & natural treatment for BUMPS, BRUISES, SPRAINS, & other INJURIES.  Formulated for your child to heal quickly from their falls. Where there is swelling Mom's Kisses is needed. Discover an age old secret known by European moms for centuries.  The only substance known to HEAL BRUISES.

For every diaper bag, sports bag & first-aid kit. 4 simple, pure ingredients: arnica montana, ethyl alcohol, purified water, & a hint of essential oil of lavender.


Mom's Kisses reduces swelling from contusions and sprains.  Can be used with ice and compression. Speeds your child's natural healing immediately.  BURISES DISAPPEAR in days, no weeks.  Pain from sprains, pulls, bumps & inflammation are reduced without pharmaceuticals. Our unique delivery system is easy to use and fast acting. Safe for all ages, especially active kids.

Proudly Canadian.

NPN 80039336

When A KISS IS NOT ENOUGH - Spray Mom's Kisses

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