Affiliate Program

What is our Affiliate Program?

Our Affiliate Program is offered to website, associations, communities and networks who advocates healthy living. The Tebas Affiliate Program allows your organization to earn revenue quickly and easily through your website, blog, or e-newsletter. The Tebas OnlineStore is the primary online destination for Vega Products to those who care about their health, are passionate about our products, want to educate their audience and earn some money too.

How does it work?

By signing up through our Enlistly partner, Tebas Affiliates earn commissions on sales referred to the Tebas Online Store. Enlistly is a user-friendly platform and a leader in affiliate program management. Tebas Online Store is using to manage and track affiliate sales. After signing up, we can provide you with product specific banners tailored to members. Using your personalized url, your affiliate code is tracked

Why join?

Receive an exclusive 10% OFF discount for all your purchases and earn 15%commission on all referred sales by simply adding a click-through image on your site and directing traffic to the Tebas Online Store.

Who can qualify?*

If you have a website that focuses on healthy living, supplemental nutrition, or wellness topics, our Affiliate Program would make a great fit with your content.

How do I join?

Fill out the brief application form and start earning commissions today!

Click Here to create an account .

How to be Successful

  • Refer friends and family!
  • Post relevant content such as blogs or articles on Social Media to guide people to your website
  • Spread the word! Let people know you are a Tebas Affiliate

If you have a large enough audience on your radio show, podcast, Youtube channel, social networks, or blog, request a guest post or interview from Teresa Johnston.  She will be happy to write a blog post or do a written or audio interview on the topic of your choice.  Then you can put your Affiliate links to our products and programs in the Author Box. 


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