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Acurnica 2oz Natural Pain Relief

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You can't get through life without bumps and bruises. Use ACURNICA.

Acurnica is a natural topical anti-inflammatory. PURE. NATURAL. DRUG-FREE. Non-GMO. For treatment of sore muscles, joint stiffness, swelling, sprains & other injuries.  Only substance to heal BRUISES. Acurnica provides temporary pain relief for Arthritis sufferers. Triggers anti-inflammatory action at the cellular level. When it comes to healing with arnica montana, concentration is the key. Acurnica is 20% potency, the highest on the market. Faster acting relief than any other arnica product. 3 simple pure ingredients:

made with premium arnica montana L* (1:5 20%), non-GMO ethyl alcohol, and purified water.

Don't let pain or injury keep you on the sidelines. Acurnica reduces SWELLING & BRUISING from many types of injury by increasing blood flow to injured tissue helping the body heal more quickly. Our delivery system is easy to use & fast acting. More healing power per spray than any otehr arnica product. Manage your pain. Take control of your life.


Proudly Canadian. NPN 80030217

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