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Pet Arnicure. Drug-free, topical pain relief for arthritis and injury in your pets. Pets are like people, they suffer from ailments as they get older, they feel pain when injured and get stiff from too much exercise. We offer a safe and natural topical treatment.  PET ARNICURE is the only 100% natural topical pain relief specifically designed for pets. Safe for all shapes and sizes.  We provide a drug-free option to make your pet feel better.

Directions & Dosage Easy to use: Simply spray under the hair, let evaporate and the pet should feel relief within minutes.  Spray on each bruise, inflammation or joint where arthritis occurs, or on sore muscles up to 4 times per day:

 XS (1-20lbs) – 1 spray 

S   (21-40lbs) – 2 sprays

M  (41-65lbs) – 3 sprays

L   (65lbs & up) – 4 sprays

 Non-medicinal ingredients: pure pharmaceutical grade ethyl alcohol, distilled water.

PET ARNICURE is made from Arnica, a traditional European medicine used for centuries; active ingredients trigger anti-inflammatory action at the cellular level and promote increased blood flow to speed healing times by up to 30%. 24 month shelf life.


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